The Ultimate Guide to the Most Popular Men’s Beard Styles

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The Ultimate Guide to the Most Popular Men’s Beard Styles

Beards have become an integral part of modern masculinity, and over the years, they’ve evolved into an art form for men seeking to express their individuality and style. As a hairstylist, you understand the significance of facial hair in shaping a man’s appearance, and that’s why we’re delving deep into the world of beards. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the most popular men’s beard styles, the techniques to achieve them, and how they can enhance any man’s look.


The Classic Full Beard

Let’s begin with the timeless classic – the Full Beard. This beard style is characterized by its full growth on the cheeks, jawline, and chin, offering a masculine and rugged appearance. To achieve this look, encourage your client to grow their beard for a few weeks until it reaches the desired length. Regular maintenance is essential, and you can use scissors, clippers, and a comb to trim and shape the beard to perfection.


The Distinguished Goatee

A Goatee is a popular choice among men who prefer a more refined and stylish look. It involves growing facial hair only on the chin, while keeping the cheeks and mustache clean-shaven. The Goatee can be worn in various shapes and sizes, from a small, neatly trimmed beard to a more extended, pointed style. Work with your client to find the perfect Goatee shape that complements their facial structure.


The Suave Stubble

Stubble has made a powerful comeback in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. This short, bristly facial hair offers a rugged yet sophisticated charm. Creating the perfect stubble requires regular maintenance, trimming the beard with clippers and defining the neckline for a polished look. The Suave Stubble is an excellent choice for men who want a low-maintenance, stylish beard.


The Masculine Extended Goatee

Also known as the “Hollywoodian” or “Anchor” beard, the Extended Goatee combines the mustache with a shaped beard that extends along the jawline and connects to the chin. This style exudes confidence and is ideal for men with angular face shapes, as it adds balance and definition. Precision is key to achieving the perfect Extended Goatee, so make sure to use precise cutting tools and take your time during shaping.


The Rugged Lumberjack Beard

For the man who wants to embrace his inner lumberjack, the Rugged Lumberjack Beard is the ultimate choice. This style features a full beard that appears wild and untamed, exuding a strong, outdoorsy vibe. Growing and maintaining this beard requires patience and regular grooming, including trimming to keep it from looking unkempt. Use beard oils and balms to keep the hair soft and healthy.


The Stylish Van Dyke

The Van Dyke beard style has a rich history and a distinctive appearance, combining a mustache with a neatly trimmed goatee. The mustache and goatee are disconnected, creating a dramatic contrast that exudes sophistication and charisma. Precision is crucial in achieving the Van Dyke look, so take your time during shaping and trimming to create clean lines.


The Effortless Designer Stubble

Designer Stubble is a carefully curated, short beard style that appears effortlessly cool. It involves maintaining a well-groomed stubble while paying close attention to the cheek and neckline for a sleek finish. This beard style is perfect for men with a busy lifestyle, as it requires minimal grooming while still making a bold fashion statement.


The Circle Beard

A popular choice among professionals, the circle beard combines a neatly trimmed goatee and a mustache that forms a circle around the mouth. This style is versatile and complements various face shapes, making it a go-to option for many men seeking a polished and sophisticated appearance.


The Faded Beard

Drawing inspiration from the world of hairstyling, the faded beard incorporates the concept of a fade haircut into the facial hair. The beard is gradually faded from thick and full near the sideburns to shorter and more tapered as it moves towards the jawline. This creates a seamless and well-groomed transition, offering a contemporary and edgy look.


The Anchor Beard

With a shape reminiscent of an anchor, this beard style features a well-groomed mustache that connects to a soul patch beneath the lower lip, forming the anchor’s shank. The sides of the beard are kept clean-shaven or neatly trimmed, giving it a distinctive appearance that appeals to men seeking a touch of sophistication and uniqueness.


The Garibaldi Beard

Named after an Italian general, the Garibaldi beard is characterized by its wide, full, and rounded shape. This beard style exudes a rugged yet refined look and requires regular trimming and shaping to maintain its volume and shape. It is an ideal choice for men with a flair for adventurous and masculine styles.


Final Words

As a hairstylist, understanding the art of grooming beards is essential to cater to the diverse preferences of your male clientele. The world of beard styling offers a plethora of choices, each reflecting a unique personality and flair. From the classic Full Beard to the suave Designer Stubble, the most popular men’s beard styles allow men to express themselves and elevate their appearance.

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Niloo is a passionate cosmetologist at Elegante Hair Studio with a flair for creating stunning looks. She specializes in Hair, Extensions, Skincare and Makeup. She believes beauty fashion is a powerful medium for self-love and self-expression.