How does hair straightening work?

Hair straightening works by altering the structure of the hair using heat or chemicals. Heat-based methods, such as flat irons, work by breaking down the hydrogen bonds in the hair shaft, allowing the hair to be reshaped temporarily. Chemical methods, like keratin treatments or relaxers, modify the hair’s natural bonds to achieve straightness. These processesContinue reading “How does hair straightening work?”

What are the potential side effects of hair straightening treatments?

Hair straightening treatments, whether chemical or heat-based, can have potential side effects. Common issues include dryness, brittleness, and breakage due to the weakening of hair fibers. Chemical treatments like relaxers can cause scalp irritation or burns if not applied correctly. Excessive heat from straightening tools can lead to split ends and dullness. It’s crucial toContinue reading “What are the potential side effects of hair straightening treatments?”